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The Panama Private Interest Foundation - The Ultimate in International Asset Protection.

The Panama private interest foundation was created in 1995 by the assembly in Panama to cement Panama's position as a leading offshore financial center. The law regulating the Panama Foundation (Law 25 of 1995) is mainly modeled from the Stiftung available in Liechtenstein. In general the Panama Foundation is more modern and flexible than its European counterpart.

Panama is far from being a giant in the international banking world, but currently has about 60 billion dollars in the some 75 licensed banks. The banks generally pay a higher interest than US banks, but deposits are made without any form of bank guarantees or insurance. Other advantages appear to be the permanent use of the US Dollar as currency, a very large free trade zone (second only to Hong Kong), efficient international airport and the opportunity for the international investor to stay under the radar with nominee directors, bank secrecy and general privacy.

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Foundations at credit unions
Most credit unions in Panama, including COACECSS and CACSA accept foundations as clients.
The supreme court of Panama has ruled that Panama Foundations are not shielded from monetary demands.

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